Angels in many forms have rallied to our aid after the ram raid and minibus theft

Minibus thieves strike again at our Centre on Harding Avenue, Rawmarsh.  

SILVER FORD TRANSIT YT61 EKX belonging to the disability group [] that use our Centre daily was stolen in a ram raid overnight.

On arrival this morning to run the Wednesday morning community coffee morning we found this. Our gates have been battered, all security removed and our silver mini bus stolen.

We put out an appeal for help this morning with the damaged gates and it arrived.

Angels Michael [but Michael tells me he is named after the Saint] and Toby from Architectural Metalwork Installations at Handsworth stepped up to repair our gates damaged in the raid.

When you stole our minibus you deprived these people the transport to take them to football training on Friday, to their first football game of the 2021/2022 season this Sunday, after a year’s lay off because of Covid and the risk it posed to their health.

The thumbs up in the picture is not for you thieves; it’s for the good people in Rawmarsh and the surrounding area who support us by attending our fund raising activities to fund the minibus.

We will work again to raise the funds.

We have had a go fund me page set up for the gang.

Hi I’m a local bus company based in Sheffield, Brian Dunsmuir of and after reading that this charity has had the bus stolen I’d like to appeal to mainly my bus company owner friends to all let’s try our best to raise some money for this charity. Let’s get them back on the road, we all know what it’s like to have a vehicle down, also I’d like all my friends to share this. Let’s get these guys back on the road, it looks like a very active charity that helps many. So sad, shame on the thieves hope they catch you.

Many thanks Brian and all who share and help us.

 The Social Eyes crew.

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